Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Happy Wednesday!

At the beginning of July, I set out to change my planning system a little bit and try to make it simpler and easier to stick to. I have been using a Bullet Journal for the better part of a year and a half (sometimes supplementing it with other systems, but always carrying my trusty Leuchtturm1917 notebook with me), and thought I would try to combine my Bullet Journal, personal journal, sketchbook, and braindump notebook all in one place.

I used a blank notebook that I've had for a few months now, and that I usually keep as my sketchbook in order to try and combine everything into one book. Honestly? I think I'm just not a one book kind of girl. After my initial attempts at using this one book this month - I hardly ever touched it and ended up using a ton of sticky notes in my little Moleskine planner for most of the month.

I think planner people all feel that way sometimes. We try different systems, different styles, different ways of planning in order to find the way we like. I have found that I like to keep function and form separate. That's not to say that I don't like my planner or Bullet Journal to be attractive, but my watercolors, sketches, and calligraphy practice have to be kept separate from my to-do lists, and my journal separate from both of those.

What worked in July:
  • My small Moleskine planner! It was the perfect size to throw in my bag and bring with me to work, or just to the coffee shop. Plus it's great for my messy brain dumps and weekly to-do lists. 
  • Having fewer notebooks to carry around. I have been known to carry around at least four notebooks. And only use one. 
  • Using primarily fountain pens. Unfortunately, the Moleskine planner is not the greatest for fountain pens, but I've used it on my notepads and my journal that I started in my Traveler's Notebook this month. 

What didn't work in July:
  • Keeping my Bullet Journal, journal, and sketchbook in one book. 
  • Using sticky notes and jotting things down in different places.
  • Not having a consistent system in place to keep track of my tasks, projects, and day to day notes. I liked my Bullet Journal because it's a consistent place to keep all of those miscellaneous lists and ideas that constantly pop into my head. 

In August, I'm going to go back to using my Bullet Journal for planning, along with a pocket sized traveler's notebook to house my Moleskine planner, as well as my on-the-go journal and braindump notebook.

How was your July planner set up? What worked for you, and what didn't?

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