Monday, July 18, 2016

Mondays get a bad rap.

To be honest, I'm not always the biggest fan of Monday mornings, especially when I'm comfy in my bed and there are a million and a half things to be done. All things considered, even the fact that I am the furthest things from a "morning person," I kind of like Mondays.

Mondays are like starting a fresh notebook. Like fresh laundry, or clean cut grass.

Mondays are like a full cup of coffee, a glass full of water, a full mug of tea.

Mondays are like anticipation, the first minute of a show, full of potential and promise, a clean slate. A chance to change, to make things better. To keep things amazing.

So maybe Mondays suck sometimes. But Mondays are also great days for renewal, reinvention, and reinvigoration.

I love Monday.

Now, after my poetic musings about Mondays, let's get to the real business here. Weekly goals! As you know, I love setting goals and planning ahead for the week. Here's a glance at my week:

The big things I have to do this week are plan my trip to LA in August, since I have to go anyways to get my French visa I might as well make it a little bit of fun, go to yoga at least twice this week, and try to write some blog posts in advance.

What are you up to this week? Share in the comments below, or shoot me a tweet or tag me on instagram. Have a happy Monday!

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