Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Every month, I feel like I'm always so surprised at how fast time flies, and July was no exception. It was a very busy month, and August is guaranteed to be even busier, so I'm definitely going to be needing my Bullet Journal system to keep track of everything - especially my prep for moving to France.

Last week, I did an overview of what worked and what didn't work for my July planner set up, as I had attempted a One Book July-esque setup where I combined my journaling with my Bullet Journal and planning set up, but it didn't end up working for me. So this month, I'm returning to a system that I know works for me: my Bullet Journal.

I started a new notebook in August, and I'm using the "official" Bullet Journal notebook from Ryder Carroll, made by Leuchtturm1917. Please note, you do not have to use the official notebook, or even a nice notebook, to Bullet Journal. All you need is a notebook of your choice and a pen.

Whenever I set up a new notebook, there are a couple spreads that I always migrate and make sure to have in my notebook at all times. They are mostly inspirational spreads that I always carry, but some of them are functional as well.

The nice thing about the official Bullet Journal notebook is that it has the Future Log spreads built into the notebook at the beginning. I set up a 12 month future log, even though I'm certain this notebook will not last all 12 months.

I like to have a year at a glance spread, just to be able to reference and use while setting up my monthly spreads, as well as for future planning.

I am also sticking with using my little Moleskine weekly notebook for future planning. I adore it, and it's easier to carry around everywhere than my larger Bullet Journal.

I found this list "to read every day" on pinterest, and decided to copy it over. It's always there, so if I'm overwhelmed or stressed, I can just flip to the front of my journal and find it.

I had put my 2016 goals on a two page spread in my old journal, so for this journal I made it one page and a little more streamlined. I'm making pretty good progress on these goals! On the opposite page, I found this affirmation in pinterest as well, and it's a great reminder for when I feel overwhelmed, or just need a little encouragement.

My final "permanent" list is my wishlist, although there is not much on it right now. I did not transfer the items from my old journal because they didn't quite fit, so I started new.

This month, I wanted to keep my spreads simple and minimal, and went with green ink for my headers and accent colors.

This is one of those fun features that I have added to my journal over time, and it's always fun to look back through the months and see how I was feeling or what I was thinking about.

I decided to use Ryder Carroll's list view for my monthly overview, mostly because I just use it to keep track of my work hours and a highlight of the day. I do use an iCal so if I need a monthly overview I use that. On the opposite page, I have listed my goals broken down into three areas: Lifestyle/Personal, Creative, and Blog.

These two facing pages are used for my gratitude log, and my memories log. I'm trying to be a little less structured about these two pages, as in the past I have numbered every day in my gratitude journal, and made boxes for my memories page. I'm hoping that the lack of structure will make it more fun and spur-of-the-moment, but it is not usually in my nature to not have everything blocked out already.

I keep track of three challenges in my Bullet Journal: #PlanWithMeChallenge, #RockYourHandwriting, and #Quoted. You can find prompts for the #PlanWithMeChallenge and #RockYourHandwriting on Boho Berry's blog, and #Quoted from Onica Hanby. (As of my writing of this post, only the #PlanWithMeChallenge prompts have been released...)

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I like to keep track of incoming and outgoing packages. I'm not anticipating a lot of incoming packages or orders as I'm moving in a month and trying to get rid of stuff, but it's nice to have just in case.

Project planning is a big topic among planner users and bullet journalists, so I thought I'd share how I keep track of my own projects. My next big project is getting my French visa, so I made a spread devoted to that. I like to break down a big task into smaller tasks, and to make sure I have everything needed I make lists like nobody's business. I guess that's my project planning style: List, break down large tasks into smaller tasks, and keep it simple.

Side note - I have to go to LA to get my visa... any suggestions on stationery shops? I'll mostly be in West Hollywood... but any suggestions welcome. :)

How are you setting up your planner for August? Let me know in the comments, shoot me a tweet, or share a photo on Instagram!

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