Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a while since I reviewed my Moustache Stationery boxes, which I receive every month. I love these boxes SO much, and each one gets better and better! The most recent box, May, was definitely my favorite box of all the boxes I've been subscribed to.

Every month, each box centers around a certain theme. Some of my favorite themes have been America, Coffee & Tea, and the Bullet Journal theme from last month (I didn't write a review, but there was a Leuchtterm1917 notebook and a Kaweco Sport fountain pen. It was amazing.)The most recent box was travel / wanderlust themed, so all of the items play into this theme.

A6 Leather Travelers-Style Notebook

Traveler's style notebooks are SUPER popular, I think because of the ease and versatility of the system, as well as the aesthetic of these notebooks. Basically, the notebook itself is more of a notebook holder. Usually, it's a piece of leather but you can find them in virtually any material, and they have elastic bands in the center that hold your inserts, or smaller notebooks.

The notebook in this box is A6 size, which is bigger than field notes notebooks, yet smaller than A5 notebooks, like Leuchtterm1917 notebooks or Moleskine notebooks. I have found that I am a huge fan of this size, since it's small enough to just pop into my purse, but gives a little more space than my smaller notebooks. Plus this one has a pen loop, so I will always have a pen on me!

2 A6 Notebooks

In order to set up your new traveler's style notebook, Moustache Stationery included 2 A6 sized inserts, one dotted, and one lined. Plus, they have travel-themed quotes on the cover so they fit in perfectly!

Caran D'Ache Mechanical Pencil

I've said it before, but they really do like to provide a complete set so that you can use the products right out of the box. This Caran D'Ache pencil feels so substantial in my hand, and I've used it for sketching and planning. I'm not usually a pencil person, but this pencil might just change my mind.

4 Animal Postcards

I am a total postcard collector. My freshman year of college, I had covered my wall in postcards. These four post cards feature different animals and landscapes, blended together, and they are so beautiful! Plus - they are so big, and nice enough to hang on your wall and display.

2 Gold Skeleton Clips

These skeleton clips are so pretty! I love the simplicity and the way they look in photos. I keep one clipped on my notebook to use to hold pages down when I'm writing, or to hold them flat for Instagram photos. :)

Pencil Case

This pencil case fits in perfectly with the theme. Plus, the little old-fashioned bicycle pin is a perfect addition!

I love this box. Seriously, if I had to choose one stationery box to subscribe to, I would choose this one. I use every product I receive, and if I don't I gift it to someone who will. They always choose high-quality, beautiful, and unique products to share, and I'm always so excited to run to the post office and pick up my box.

You can sign up for your own Moustache Stationery subscription here. Great work, Moustache Stationery people!

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