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I love watching youtube videos and reading blog posts about other people's planners and Bullet Journals. There are a million and a half (I counted) videos, posts, and other resources available for Bullet Journal lovers and others who love the system, but I always find it helpful and inspirational to see what other people are doing with their journals.

More than likely, if you're reading this post, it is not your first rodeo with the Bullet Journal system. On the off chance that it is, I recommend starting with Ryder Carroll's introduction and the Bullet Journal website. All of the examples and pictures of beautiful journals can get overwhelming (in my opinion) so it's helpful to start with the basics and add as you please.

The premise of the Bullet Journal is a "rapid logging" system, which utilizes bullets and a quick way of logging and writing down important information.

This is my journal set up for the month of June!

Monthly Spreads

I tend to keep my monthly spreads pretty consistent from month to month. This month, I added a few spreads, some of which I used and some of which sat unused.

May Review and Month List View
I started including a montly review "currently" list a few months ago, and I actually really like it! It's fun to look back on the month and think about the little things that I've been loving.

The monthly list view is a Bullet Journal staple, but I'm not a huge fan of using it to plan. I've seen people use it to record an event or something during the day, and I kind of started using it for that! A type of highlight of the day, or a glance at what happened on a particular day.

I always include a gratitude spread, and then I never use it. I tend to write my gratitude in my journal, so it defeats the purpose of having a spread in my Bullet Journal in addition to my journal journal. I tend not to journal a lot in my Bullet Journal and keep it more task and planning related, with more detailed memory keeping and journaling in my actual journal.

Instagram Challenges
I started using a grid calendar spread to track my instagram challenge participation (which I have sucked at this month) in May, and it's a really easy way to see the prompts! Instead of having three pages and flipping around for them, I just decided to put them on a two page spread.

I got really ambitious, and thus did none of my challenges, not even the one I created (insert embarrassed emoji here). Honestly, I feel like I should stick to 1 or 2 challenges, because I just get annoyed flipping past those pages.

Blog and Editorial Calendar
I actually ended up moving this to Evernote, which is much easier because I tend to change which posts I do last minute and move things around. Plus, I can just keep a separate "editorial calendar" notebook in Evernote so if I have questions about any particular posts, I can find it super easily.

June Waiting On and June Memories
This post is super helpful in tracking online orders and packages. I put monthly subscriptions at the top, and then chronologically the packages I am expecting throughout the month. I've used my monthly memories page... although I don't necessarily like this one. I think I do too much "journaling" and not enough "rapid logging."

Summer Reading List
This is one of those random spreads that I had in my monthly spreads, but I've also moved it to Evernote.

Weekly Spreads
I've struggled with the weekly spreads in the bullet journal. The first planner I ever truly loved was a Moleskine weekly notebook with the week on the left and a blank page for notes on the right. That is my favorite go-to planner spread, and the type of planner I continue to go back to.

I like having a weekly spread so I can get an idea of what to expect. BUT I'm a list maker and a note taker, so I liked the idea of having the flexibility of doing this in my Bullet Journal. I cannot write out the spread. I don't know why... I just hate it and don't ever want to use it. So lately, I've been using a Hobonichi Weeks for a weekly view and weekly brain dump, and then my Bullet Journal for monthly spreads and daily lists. I'm not sure I really like it, but it's working for now.

Daily Spreads
This is my favorite part of the Bullet Journal. I love having a running daily log of my to-do's and events.

Another thing I like about my bullet journal is the ability to flip a page and add whatever I want! I can take notes, brainstorm, doodle, or write a quote. I have actually started using Evernote a lot... so I've transferred many of the most important and frequently used collections to Evernote.

Planning for July
I haven't bonded with this notebook. Does that seem weird? Like, other notebooks I've bonded with. My moleskine planners, my first Leuchtterm1917, my black Traveler's Notebook... I love carrying all of these notebooks and I feel like we worked well together. This notebook? Not so much. Is that weird? Am I crazy? I don't know. I just don't like using it, I don't pull it out that much, I haven't really enjoyed it and it doesn't make me feel good to look at my pages in that notebook. I might archive it and move on.

I'm definitely going to be changing things up for July. Next week, I'm going to give you a glimpse into what I have in store for my July planning and Bullet Journaling!

I would love to see your notebooks! Show me your planners, Bullet Journals, and other tools you use to stay creative and organized!

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