Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Monday!

I love lists.

I'm a huge list maker, and I keep all types of lists - from to-do lists, to wish lists, to travel lists. The Bullet Journal system is a great way for me to keep track of all of my lists, both functional and inspirational. But you don't have to use a Bullet Journal in order to keep lists that could positively impact your life.

While I am a keeper of many lists, I have narrowed down my favorite lists to the five lists that can make your life more organized, more inspired, and happier. These lists are meant to be referenced constantly, and they are all permanent fixtures in my own Bullet Journal, as well as on Evernote.

1. To Be Read (TBR) 

I keep two types of TBR lists - one for books, and one for articles. If I have a quick break, or I'm on the bus and want to read something, I can pull up my "TBR - Articles" list for some quick entertainment or information!

2. Goals - Long Term, Mid Term, Short Term

Keeping your goals front and center in your planner, notebook, or journal is one way to make sure you are constantly working toward them. Keep a list of long term goals (I consider this about 5 years out), mid term goals (about a year), and short term goals (monthly) that can help you break down your big goals and dreams into proactive steps you can take every day. I also like to keep them all together, so I can see how they fit together.

3. Experiences to Have

For me, this is often a sort of travel list, like riding a bike in Amsterdam, or doing a whale watching tour in San Fransisco. However, this type of list also includes things I would like to do in my own state, like taking a day trip to a nearby city. Framing places I want to go in terms of experiences I want to have helps me envision and plan better.

4. Gratitude

My gratitude journal is something I log daily, but there are always trends and things I find myself being grateful for always. I've consolidated it into a list that I can look at when I feel down, anxious, or when I have a bad day. I still keep a separate gratitude journal with specific events or items I am grateful for, but having a general list I can reference is a quick way to have some self-care and inspiration on hand.

5. Quotes + Affirmations

This is my favorite and lengthiest list in my collection. I love collecting quotes from Pinterest, books, movies, articles, and poems, and I write them all down. I always love a good inspirational quote, and often use quotes and affirmations as mantras when I'm anxious or need a pick-me up. My pinterest board is my favorite place to find new quotes and affirmations!

What are your favorite lists to keep? Are there any I should add to the list? Share yours with me on twitter, or shoot me a comment on instagram!

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