Moustache Stationery January | Coffee and Tea

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello again! I know I've been delinquent with reviewing these amazing Moustache Stationery boxes over the past two months, but I have loved them so much that I used those products immediately after I received them. Luckily, this month I had a tad more restraint and got some pictures before I started using them.

This month's box was called "Coffee and Tea" and featured products inspired by two of my favorite beverages (and favorites of stationery lovers everywhere). It features some solid products from well known companies, as well as some of Moustache Stationery's own products!

Coffee Stained Sticky Notes

These are seriously the perfect size for jotting down reminders and notes, and they are really nice quality. I've been using them in my planner and at school, and I'm almost through with one of the little pads! My only wish is that there were more.

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

I love these fountain pens. If you are a beginning fountain pen user, or someone who just wants a workhorse fountain pen, these are your best bet. I have a few of them and they are perfect for just throwing in my bag and going. They are durable, the ink cartridges last for a while, and the nib is solid and super high quality.

Tombow Kei Coat Double Sided Highlighter

Dual sided highlighters are my favorite! I am partial to Zebra Mildliners, but this Tombow dual sided highlighter is so cool! One side is chisel tip, and one side is a pointed tip, so perfect for underlining and highlighting.

Coffee and Tea Coasters

Cute, and totally perfect for resting your mug while you write.


These are super high quality, coated card stock. I love the leather string on the coffee themed bookmark, and how the tag on the teabag bookmark can hang over the page. This is a great addition to the box.

Moustache Stationery Notebook

This is such a beautiful notebook, and is truly a great fit with the theme. The paper is super high quality, lined, and is a little darker than a traditional cream colored paper. I love how the folks at Moustache Stationery pay attention to the details, and the little moustache cutout on this notebook really completes it.

Impressions + Review

Overall, I love this box. I think the bookmarks were such a great addition, and I have been using the little sticky notes religiously. I'm saving the notebook to use for my classes next quarter, and have used almost half of the ink cartridge in my Preppy. I haven't used the coasters because I don't use coasters in general, but I think they are cute so I keep them on my desk.

While I do genuinely love the products in this box, I'm not sold on the price. I just feel like the $39.95 price tag is a bit much for the products in this box. I love how each month, Moustache Stationery delivers products from great stationery companies. I didn't think that Moustache Stationery wanted to make its own products. In general, I prefer the Moustache Stationery branded products when they are done with a collaboration, like with the Write Notepads & Co. notebooks and the Fisher Space Pen in August.

Overall, I love Moustache Stationery as a company, and I always use the products in the boxes so I will continue to be a loyal subscriber.

What do you think? Do you love stationery? Would you sign up for a stationery subscription box?

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