Favorite Feelings

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A while ago, I watched two videos from Hank Green (of Vlogbrothers fame and general awesomeness) and Estée Lalonde, where they listed 15 of their favorite feelings. I have been keeping a list of my favorite feelings in my Bullet Journal, and decided to round up 15 of my favorite feelings to share.
  • Writing with a freshly inked fountain pen.
  • Walking on the beach and letting the water flow over my feet and ankles.
  • Being so comfortable with someone that you can be with them and not feel the need to constantly be talking or doing something. You can just be with them.
  • Unexpectedly finishing a book // when you are reading a book and you just keep flipping the page and before you know it you're at the end and you just want more... that's my favorite.
  • The warmth of the first sip of wine at dinner.
  • Waking up with the sun naturally... without alarms, without anyone else awake, just the sun and your internal clock.
  • When you feel so comfortable in a place where you didn't grow up, but it's like home so that when you go back to that place, it's like you never left.
  • When it's bright and sunny outside, but a little bit chilly so you can still wear a scarf.
  • Finding someone who you click with immediately, and it's like you've been friends forever because you can be so unapologetically yourself and be loved for it.
  • When you find a really comfortable position when trying to sleep.
  • When your favorite song comes on and you dance in your car (and other people join in).  
  • Having a notebook that has been used and loved so much that it's a little bit worn in, and you can see the bent pages, page flags, smeared ink, and coffee stains. You can see how you've changed and grown throughout the use of the notebook, which is actually really cool. 
  • When you're writing a paper and you just kind of write and flounder for a while, and then it all comes together and then you write the paper with gusto!
  • Being genuinely happy for someone else's success and happiness. 
  • When you find an old favorite, like a pen you used to use all the time because you thought it was your favorite pen, and the only pen you would ever use but then you got a new pen, but you find the old favorite pen and you wonder why you ever stopped using it in the first place.
    What are your favorite feelings? 

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