Happy Fountain Pen Day!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Today is the third annual Fountain Pen Day, and the first one I'm celebrating! Today is a day where fountain pen users all over the world celebrate using fountain pens and tell others about the awesomeness of fountain pens. To celebrate this wonderful holiday, I thought I would give you a glimpse of my favorite fountain pens from my collection, and tell you my very own fountain pen story.

Kaweco Sport(s)

Okay, so maybe this is cheating, but I actually have two Kaweco Sports that I use on a daily basis. My gray one has an extra fine nib that I use mostly for taking notes in classes, and the purple one I just got on Tuesday and has a medium nib, so I use it mostly for journaling. They both match my gray Leuchtterm1917 notebooks so well! 

Visconti Van Gogh in Irises

I got this pen for my 22nd birthday in September, and it's probably my favorite out of my collection. I totally baby it, and only use it for "serious" writing in my journal. And taking pictures of it. 

Pilot Vanishing Point

In the fountain pen world, we always talk about our "workhorse" pens, or the pens we just use regularly for all purposes. These pens are put through the ringer. My workhorse pen is my VP. It has the smoothest nib, it is the pen I reach for when I have to jot down a quick note, or if I just want to write for a long time. 

My fountain pen story started about a year ago in a small stationery store in Normandy, France. I was studying abroad, and never thought about buying or using a fountain pen, but my favorite store carried them. One day, kind of on a whim, myself and two of my closest friends decided to each buy a fountain pen, a notebook, and to give them a try. I bought a turquoise Pilot Plumix and some black ink cartridges, plus a blank notebook. I was bit by the fountain pen bug and never got better. 

I picked up a few more fountain pens while in France, and used them mostly for journaling and to write my final exams (so that they would look nice and I would hopefully get an A!). When I got home, I continued to use fountain pens and dive deeper into the world of fountain pens. Arguably, my first "nice" or "upper level" fountain pen that I bought was the Pilot VP pen. I did so much research about the pen, comparable pens, smoothness of the nib, colors, etc. I watched countless youtube videos and read dozens of blog posts before I decided, and when I did it was the VP all the way.

I enjoy writing with fountain pens because I love writing, and I want to enjoy the experience of writing. I have always been a huge pen, notebook, and stationery nerd, and spending time and money using fountain pens has been an extension of a lifelong hobby.

Would you ever use a fountain pen? What is your dream pen?

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