Honoring the Overwhelm

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello again.

I feel like I say that a lot. I write a post, lament on how busy I've been, apologize, and promise to do better in the future, and then disappear for another three weeks. During those three weeks, I fill pages in my blog notebook with ideas for posts, I start drafting versions and taking pictures. Then homework calls, or class starts, or I'm already really behind on something and feel guilty for doing something fun when I should be working. I know there are bloggers and other students out there who feel me, who are in the same place. There is literally so much to do, and just not enough hours in the day to do them.

So, how do you deal with overwhelm?

Obviously, I'm no expert. In fact, I would say that I'm really horrible at dealing with overwhelm, and I am more overwhelmed than I have been in a very long time. So far, senior year has proved to be the most difficult, demanding, and stressful year of college, even though I'm taking fewer classes and they are classes I love.

Lately, in the face of my overwhelm, I am learning how to deal with it. Unlike my normal overwhelm coping mechanism, where I just put my head down and plow through whatever is causing the overwhelm, I'm trying something new. Instead of just trying to hold out and survive until my next break, I'm facing the overwhelm head on by honoring it and being thankful for it.

I'm overwhelmed because I'm doing so many cool things. I have two jobs - both at museums, both of which I adore - and I'm writing a thesis and doing research about Caen, a place that holds a piece of my heart. I just moved into a beautiful loft, and I'm spending more time with my amazing friends.

My overwhelm is because life is beautiful. I am so grateful that my overwhelm is a result of so many beautiful, amazing things.

Every day, I try to honor the overwhelm. If that sounds trippy - I get it. But shifting my perspective about my overwhelm has made these things seemWAY more feasible.

How do you deal with your overwhelm? Leave me a comment or stop by my instagram to let me know!

Moustache Stationery Box: September

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I'm back with another unboxing and review of my most recent Moustache Stationery Box! Last month, I wrote about the awesome goodies included in the box, with the Made in America theme, and this month I thought I would do the same! Basically, for $39.95 each month, you get a box of beautiful, unique stationery items delivered right to your door. Check it out and sign up here!

I only had two thoughts when I opened this box. Oh my... and NO WAY. As I kept pulling the products out of the box, the giddy smile on my face grew wider and wider. This month was all about Palomino and all of it's amazing, pencil lover glory.

The first thing I pulled out was this set of three Small Flex notebooks. They are graph paper, which is my personal favorite type of paper, and they are small enough to throw in my purse on the go or carry to work. Plus the paper... BEAUTIFUL.

The cornerstone of this box was the set of twelve Palomino Blackwing Pearl pencils in white. And oh my god, they are absolutely gorgeous. I probably sat and stroked these pencils for a solid ten minutes.

These are by far the nicest pencils I have ever had. I bought one a while ago from Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, CO. I'm not usually a pencil person since I love the look of a dark black ink, but I use pencils for drawing and French, as well as for writing in library books (don't hate me). The eraser is replaceable (and the awesome guys at Moustache Stationery so kindly included a TON of extras), so you never have a pencil without the eraser. Plus, the erasers are SO SOFT. There is nothing worse than a hard or scratchy eraser *cringes*. You know how people hate the sound of nails on a chalkboard? I hate the feeling of a hard eraser on notebook paper.

Now, you can't use a pencil without a PERFECTLY sharp tip, right? Well, the Blackwing Long Point pencil sharpener makes sure you always have a perfectly sharpened pencil whenever you need it. Plus, it has an automatic brake to prevent over sharpening, which is perfect for overly enthusiastic people (like me).

While I did like the August box, this Palomino collaboration box is definitely more my speed! These pencils are amazing. I want to exclusively use pencil always because of them, and I will probably give them to all my stationery-skeptic friends (er, maybe not. I'll just hoard them and make all my friends try one). I love how they always include a full set to make whatever you get completely usable fresh out of the box... pencils, a pencil sharpener, extra erasers, and a set of notebooks.

Great job, James and Simone! I can't wait for more Moustache Stationery goodness in the coming months.

What is your favorite subscription box? Have any other stationery lovers out there tried this box?

Coffee Break Blog: Hello!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome to my new semi-hopefully-not-too-regular-regular series, Coffee Break Blog. These are posts that I write during my coffee break, to be enjoyed during yours! Read on for a quick pick-me-up, and have a lovely day!

Happy Thursday!

I just wanted to take a moment and say hello.

Hi, Friends. It's me, Zoe. I know I've been up and down and all around in the blogosphere and life lately, so I just wanted to take a moment and catch a blog breath and say hi.

Now, on to your little pick me up!

In case you missed it, it's actually officially October! Even though September is my birthday month, I absolutely love October, and it's probably my favorite month out of the whole year. I have been seeing so many October themed articles, blog posts, and Instagram posts, and it just makes my heart so happy!

Just think about the beautiful things that happen in October:

Perfectly crunchy leaves

Pumpkin patches


Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Crisp morning air

That beautiful time in the late afternoon when it's still light outside, but just starting to get dark

Scenic drives


Scented candles

Rainy days

Tea all the time

New TV shows

I'm so looking forward to making the most out of this month, and enjoying it as much as possible! Just thinking about all the fun stuff in store for this month makes me really happy.

What's your favorite month? Do you love October as much as I do? :)

Have a lovely day!