Weekend Reading: Stationery

Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Friday and (almost) weekend!!

I always love seeing what other people read, and what kinds of articles my friends and fellow bloggers find on the internet. Lately I have found a lot of articles about planning and stationery, and I've rounded up some of my favorites for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!

Going along with my post about the importance of ALWAYS having good stationery, a blog post about why you should handwrite notes in our digital age.

It's no secret I love my planner, and if you're super organized, the pretty planning trend is something you should definitely look into. 

Why do we love stationery? BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING. Okay, so that's not the only reason, but it is one of the most important. #neverenoughpens #stationerylove #stationeryaddict

There is just something about looking at endless instagram feeds of beautiful notebooks, and this article dives into the reasoning why.

If you think watching cat videos on YouTube is addicting, then maybe you should try watching videos of people planning.

Have a great weekend! Happy reading. :)

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