4 Reasons to ALWAYS Have Stationery

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I am such a huge stationery and papergoods nerd, so I definitely always keep a wide variety of notecards and stationery on hand because I thoroughly enjoy writing cards and thank you notes. However, I have also found that having stationery on hand is SO helpful and important in my daily life, as situations always arise where I find having some good stationery definitely makes an impression, especially in our digital day and age. Here are four reasons why I think you should always have good, quality stationery in your arsenal!

1. Thank You Notes
Did you ask a professor or a boss to serve as a recommendation for an application? Write them a thank you note! Thank you notes go SUCH a long way and make a great impression, plus it shows that you recognize that the person who you are writing a thank you note to helped you in some way, and you are genuinely thankful for that help. My personal mantra for thank you notes is write them early, and write them often!

2. Friendship Notes
There is nothing I love more than just giving my good friends a card to say, "I'm thinking about you" or "I love that we are friends because you rock!" Writing a quick, heartfelt note to a friend (or even someone you barely know!) is an easy way to give them a mood boost.

3. Condolence Notes
When someone dies, it can be really hard to know what to say. When my grandmother died, my best friend sent me a note with his condolences, and it was so heartfelt and made me feel so thankful. Just sending someone a little card saying, "I know you're having a hard time, and I'm thinking about you" can really go such a long way to someone grieving.

4. Birthday Notes
Facebook has officially ruined birthdays! I love nothing more than just to write a nice, beautiful card for my close friends' birthdays, because it is so much more thoughtful and nice than a quick "happy bday" on a facebook wall.

My Picks:

My favorite place to buy stationery is Paper Source. They have such a great selection, and their cards are always such fantastic quality and so cute! I am almost out of the little elephant cards, and I'm going to be so sad when they're gone!

I have also really been loving these cute little cards from the Target Dollar Spot. The envelopes are not great, and they aren't as high quality as the cards from Paper Source, but they are only ONE DOLLAR, and they are adorable! Perfect for the spontaneous note.

How do you use stationery? Where are your favorites from?

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