Spring Quarter! Goals & Reflections

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Well, it has certainly been a while, hasn't it. Over a month, which is actually crazy.

My last post was about how awesome my life was at the time. And it was seriously awesome, and hectic, and busy and all of those things. But then, I got busy. Really, really busy. Ridiculously busy. So busy that I neglected this wonderful space that I love! Between finals, just my normal class commitments and trying to work more hours at my internship, Glittering Eyes fell down the list of priorities. But I cannot tell you how much I have missed this space, missed writing, missed editing photos, and just thinking. 

A lot has changed since that last post. I finished one quarter (thank goodness... it was a tough one), and today is the start of a new quarter! I started using a new planner system (hello, Midori Traveler's Notebook!) and joined some planner-lovers' facebook groups. I am so excited for Spring Quarter, because my classes will be amazing, the weather is absolutely beautiful, and there are so many fun events to look forward to. 

In my true list-making fashion, I thought I'd start off my return to blogland with a classic list of my goals for Spring Quarter! 

1. Pay attention in class.
I have this bad habit of zoning out in class when I get bored. Sometimes, two hours is a long time for me. I just have a really short attention span, and sometimes I don't pay attention. It's not cool to my professors, or to my classmates, or to me. 

2. Have a picnic at Wash Park.
Wash park is the most beautiful in the Spring, and I want to take advantage of that and have a picnic!

3. Keep it Simple. 
No drama. Not that there was drama in the Winter, but I just really want to avoid it this quarter. There's too much fun stuff to do without being bogged down by useless, annoying, crap.

4. Don't neglect creativity - blog, write, draw!
I totally neglected Glittering Eyes during the winter, but I'm determined to make it a priority this quarter! It's fun, and I enjoy it. I have a ton of half-written posts just waiting to be loved, so I'm definitely going to write a lot of content while I don't have a lot of homework so that I have stuff ready to go if I can't sit down to write a post one week. 

5. Pursue passion, not perfection.
This has been a constant struggle in my life, I tend to want to be perfect. I get an A- and I cry because it's not an A. Lately, I've been getting better at being happy with success that isn't neccessarily perfection. I got two A- grades last quarter, and I'm absolutely thrilled! They were really hard classes, and that's a pretty good grade! I want to keep that up. Learn to learn, not to get As. 

I can't believe I'm only 5 weeks away from being done with my junior year of college. I'm excited, but I'm also terrified and a little sad. This year has flown by, especially with studying abroad in the Fall and having a crazy Winter quarter. 

How are you all doing? Life is crazy, but it's beautiful.

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