Weekly Wishes #21

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I have been a horrible blogger lately, and for that I apologize! I was so sick last weekend, so I actually didn't get to write my content for the week, and then I was playing catch up with my classes, so I'm really sorry.

It has been a busy couple of weeks, especially with school (which is absolutely no surprise), Delta Zeta, working, and my internship. I definitely need to set an outline for what needs to be done. Thank goodness for Weekly Wishes!

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Two Weeks Ago:

1. Do the readings for all of my classes! I actually did this one! It made my life about 100x easier.

2. Submit my final post for the Academic Programs International Blog! When I sat down to write it, I got a little bit sad. So I actually haven't submitted it yet... :(

3. Make some pretty things. :) I did! I made some iPhone backgrounds, and a computer background. It's my first time making stuff and sharing them with you (aside from my post graphics), so I'm pretty excited and proud. Check them out and download them here!

This Week:

1. Go to yoga. Last year, I got super into yoga, but I stopped when I went abroad. I really want to get back into it!

2. Stick to my blog schedule! I made it for a reason, right?

3. Get my dress for formal. It's in 2 weeks! It's in 2 weeks! Also... find a date?

4. Paint my nails. I just got some new colors, and they're so cute!

5. Read a book for fun! This was one of my New Year Goals, but I've been so busy for school that I haven't read much in the past few weeks. I started All The Light We Cannot See and it's so good!

What do you have to get done? Have a great week, busy bees! 

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