GOALS: School Edition

Monday, January 5, 2015

I can't believe my break is almost over. Technically, I only had about a week and a half of a break, and it went so fast! Christmas, New Year, and now I'm back in my sorority house ready to take on the quarter!

First, a few housekeeping things. :) I'm really excited about this new look, so you can check out the inspiration here. I also re-did my About Page, and added a Sponsor section. If you're interested in free ad swaps, definitely check it out!

Now, onto my favorite thing: Goals!

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Today was the first day of classes for the quarter, so in honor of that, this week's Weekly Wishes/ Make it Happen Monday post is all about my academic goals for the quarter.

Obviously, this is not how it actually looks. Think... snow. Lots of it.
Do not put so much pressure on my grades.
One of the things I learned in France was that my grades do not dictate my worth as a person. Yes, they're important. And yes, I want to get good grades. But I refuse to beat myself up for getting less than an A!

Do the readings for class in advance.
I have so much reading already. Seriously... so much. I have to stay on top of it all! I guess it's good I have a super cute planner... :) 

School comes first!
I have this really horrible habit of letting other, less important things get in the way of my schoolwork. I cannot do that this quarter. 

Enjoy it!
I have always really enjoyed school, so I want to enjoy this quarter. I'm over halfway done with undergrad... it's crazy. I want to enjoy every moment of this quarter, and learn as much as I can. 

When does the semester/quarter start for you? Any back-to-school-after-break tips? 

Have a great week, everyone! 

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