GOALS: Getting back into the swing of things...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Last week I was so excited to start classes, and get the ball rolling on my blog for 2015, post some awesome content and new pictures, and just be generally awesome.

Then, my computer did this wierd thing. It started emitting little puffs of smoke. Long story short, I freaked out, called my dad, called the Apple Store, took it in, and it's now somewhere in California. I miss it, and I hope I can get it back soon! 

Until then, I have my iPad, which works really well for most things, and I can use the computers at the library, and my little is letting me use her computer sometimes. It's just cold so I don't like to go alone at night, so I just haven't really been able to do a lot of stuff for Glittering Eyes this week. I have, however, brainstormed a lot of new content that I hope to publish in the next few weeks! 

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Anyways, onto my goals for this week: 

1. Finish homework reading for the week by Monday night. 
I have so much reading to do... it's ridiculous. Who assigns 125 pages of a book on top of regular reading? It's a really good thing that I like this professor. I finished my reading for Monday and Tuesday, I just have a lot of reading for Wednesday and Thursday. I want to try and finish it by tonight, but I'll let myself have until tomorrow too. :)

2. Make a blog calendar.
I got my personal/academic/work planner in order. Next thing to do is get my blog life in order.

3. Mail a letter to my host family in France.
Just need to get an international stamp.

4. Get my computer back!!!!!!
I miss it. I even bought a new sticker to put on it when I get it back!

5. Relax.
You know that whole, not stressing over things that don't matter thing? Well, it's really hard.

What are your goals for this week? Have you started classes again yet? 

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