Free Phone & Laptop Backgrounds!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On Monday, one of my goals was to make some pretty things. Well, guess what! I finally made the pretty things, and I'm really excited about them!

This is kind of my first foray into creating some of my own stuff, including phone and a laptop background, but I'm pretty proud of how they turned out!

I love the blue, I've adopted it as my signature blue. Daisies are my favorite flower, so I thought they would be super fun to add into some backgrounds! I currently have the "hello lovely" as my lock screen, and the daisies as my home screen.

How to download: click on the link corresponding to the background you like. Save the photo to your photos (on your phone), or to your desktop (on your laptop/computer) and then set as background!

Here's an example of how I use the laptop background. It helps keep everything in order, which is SO nice!

I love having all of my folders easy to reach, and organized on my desktop. It's easy to get to, easy to find, and it looks nice!

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite? 

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