Glittering Eyes: Seeking a Beautiful World

Thursday, December 25, 2014

New year, new blog, right? :)

Technically, I started blogging as La Vie en Zoe in 2012. I would post sporadically, only when I thought I had something read-worthy to say. 

I got really serious about blogging this summer, and especially while I was studying abroad in France. I loved sharing my life... La Vie, but I think I've evolved a bit as a blogger since then. 

Glittering Eyes is more where I'm at now: simplicity, seeking beauty, and more about finding my place in the world. I'm inviting you to join me on my journey! Read more about the vision behind Glittering Eyes.

What is Glittering Eyes all about? 

There are three things that I firmly believe: 

1. There isn't anything that can't be solved over a pot of tea and an apple crumble. 

2. Stories are one of the best ways to connect people.

3. We live in a beautiful world. 

The third one is the one I hold most dear. Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty in this world when it seems as though there are a million things going wrong at any given time. It's easy to get discouraged - I know. But whenever I feel down about it, I think of one of my favorite quotes: 

It's hard work, but the only way to be truly happy is to find these secrets, and the beautiful parts of the world. 

So that's what this blog is - me looking at my world through my own glittering eyes to find the beauty that surrounds us. 

Share your story!

Still, looking for beautiful things in this world is not my sole purpose in this blog, nor of my life. I'm realizing that there has been a constant thread running through my life: A love of stories. 

When I was young, I learned to read really young and have always enjoyed a great story. In middle and high school, I took a great interest in journalism and telling others' stories. Now, I'm a history major with a love of museums, which is in the most basic sense, learning, preserving, and connecting peoples' stories. 

Glittering Eyes is not just about me and my quirky life, but also about you. Comment, email me, share your story with me. Let's connect and find the beauty together!

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