Favorite Memories of Caen

Friday, December 19, 2014

It's Friday.

Thank goodness.

No more finals, no more tests, no more French.

I'm done. The semester is over. 

Now, all I have to do is pack, but I don't really want to do that yet. Instead of packing, I thought I would blog. I'm a tad too emotional to get really deep, so here are my favorite memories of my time in Caen.

ONE // hashtag history

There's a castle older than the USA chilling in the middle of this town. This is a place utterly infused with historical significance which is something that blows me away all the time.

TWO // Beach Babe

I went to the beach more in the past four months than my previous 20 years of life combined.

THREE // I <3 N(ormand)Y

This place is really cool. I got to see a lot of the most famous cities in this region of France, including Rouen (capital of Upper (Haute) Normandy), Mont St. Michel, and Bayeux, just to name a few.

FOUR // Memoranda

There could not be mention of Caen without mention of Memoranda. The bookstore/tea house was my favorite place to spend hours over pots of tea, apple crumbles, and books.

FIVE // Cool people

While seeing really awesome things and spending time in wonderful places is basically the dream, I was lucky enough to do these things with some awesome people by my side. So, Turists Fransays, The Fountain Pen Society, and Classe B10, thank you for being wonderful.

Well, that's basically it for me. Tomorrow I head to Paris where I'll stay the night before catching my plane to Denver! Click on the "France" link to see all of my posts about my adventures abroad. If you are considering studying abroad, especially in France or Europe, feel free to shoot me an email! I love giving advice and talking about this amazing experience. :) 

À Bientôt, Caen!

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