Being Here

Sunday, December 14, 2014

This is a reminder I desperately need.

So I sat down to write this post how I usually write my Weekly Wishes/Make it Happen Monday posts. I had pretty lists, bolded and underlined. Witty remarks about my completion of my tasks from last week, and from my personal list of tasks for this week, I had selected 5 of the most interesting tasks to share.

It just doesn't feel authentic.

It's hard to be all here, when part of me wants to be somewhere else. It's not the longing "anywhere else" type of feeling either, when I want to break the monotony of my life, hop on the next plane, and just explore. It's a very specific somewhere else that I want to be. I want to be at home, in my apartment in Denver, with my Celestial Seasonings Chamomile tea in my yellow University of Denver mug in my white chair in my room overlooking the Denver skyline dusted with snow.

I don't have a list of goals this week. I mean, I do. I always do. List making and goal making are the two things I'm best at. But I only have one goal that really matters.

Be all here, in every moment I have left in France.

Feel the chilly wind bite my face, the humidity frizz my hair, the bumps of the tram as it rumbles up the hill on the way to the Université. Be present in my ordering of a baguette sandwich for lunch, or coffee in the afternoon. On the train, as I head toward Paris for the last time, take the time to feel the feelings, and savor the screech of the wheels on the track.

I just want to be aware, and to really take the time to appreciate this place that I have grown to consider a second home. In the business, the chaos, and the speed in which I know this week will pass (especially with my final exams, goodbye dinners, and travel preparations), my only goal is to savor it all.

I just want to cherish these moments before they become memories.

What are your goals for this week?
Have a great week, and for those suffering from finals like me, you're gonna rock 'em!

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