Make it Happen Monday! #14

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Monday!

This weekend was truly one for the books. I had an amazing time in Rouen with some of my friends from API. It was relaxing, fun, and most of all inspiring, and gave me the energy I needed to really finish off the first half of the semester!

This week is going to be crazy busy, as it's the last week before my fall break (and Papa McLeese comes to visit!) so I have three exams, a paper, and a bunch of miscellaneous crap to finish before I can enjoy my time in London with my dad.

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Last Week: 

1. Write an awesome post about Bayeux and the D-Day Beaches. 

I accomplished this one. It was rather emotional to write, and even more emotional to read again. You can read it here.

2. Research Rouen.

Nope, and that's okay. One of my friends did some research about the town and all of the things related to Joan of Arc, so she led the way in terms of actual stuff we did. We also did a fair bit of wandering around, and went shopping. :)

3. Find a prettier pot for Normand Pamplemousse. 
Last week, I bought a pretty pink cactus and named it Normand Pamplemousse. While I didn't find a prettier pot for him, I think he's still pretty happy. This one might take a bit longer than I thought, and may require a bit more creativity.

October Goals: Revisited

I can't believe we are already over halfway through the month... there's only two weeks left of October! This week's goal is pretty basic: get to Friday. Therefore, I thought that instead I would revisit my goals that I made for October.

1. Have some cool adventures.
I feel pretty good about this one! You can read about my adventure to Bayeux, and my emotional experiences at the D-Day landing beaches, as well as my wonderful weekend in Rouen this week!

2. Figure out all the ways to pronounce the letter "e." 
Close. We're getting there. I actually have a Phonetics exam later this week, so we'll see how many ways I've actually learned.

3. Be nicer to myself. 
This one is always a struggle. Even when I'm editing pictures from Rouen, or just trying to think of new blog ideas, I'm hard on myself and sometimes really mean. All I can ask for is improvement, right? 

4. Dance more! 
This one was inspired by my feeling of needing to let go of my self-imposed restraints, and go with whatever feels right. Also, Tom Hiddleston. I tend to take things WAY to seriously (including myself), so I'm making it a goal to just dance. Enjoy life, enjoy my friends, and enjoy the moment. Also, maybe bust a move here and there. :) 

What do you need to accomplish this week? 

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