First Week in France: It's OK

Friday, September 5, 2014

It's OK to only understand about half of the stuff your host family is talking about.
It's OK to want to drink coffee ALL THE TIME.
It's OK to eat ridiculous amounts of cheese.
It's OK to take a break halfway up the hill to the University.
It's OK to be glued to your email to find out your schedule.
It's OK to royally fail at speaking a different language.
It's OK to not like wine. 
It's OK to get lost. Like, really lost. Like, not even a map can help me lost.
It's OK to be tired at 2 in the afternoon. 
It's OK to blame everything on jet lag.
It's OK to be excited about everything! **but actually, it's now a running joke among my group of friends. They call me the girl who couldn't frown.**
It's OK to wander around aimlessly just to try and find your way.
It's OK to take pictures of everything. Even the wall of pens at the office supply store. 
It's OK to call yourself and your friends "Les Turistes Americaynz" when you say something only an American would say.
It's OK to miss your parents.
It's OK to be fine without your parents. 
It's OK to be glad to have a break from your life in the United States.
It's OK to rationalize your need for a café au lait with the excuse, "But I have to find the best café!"
It's OK to want classes to start already. 
It's OK to want to eat an entire jar of Nutella.
It's OK to want to eat crepes for every meal.
It's OK to be so incandescently happy to be studying and living in another country. 

I love France, and I cannot wait for the rest of the next four months. 

À Toute à l'heure! 

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