Tuesday, September 23, 2014

As if living in a different country, speaking/thinking/dreaming in a different language, attending classes at a different University, living with a different family, and navigating a different city wasn't enough change for me...

I cut my hair.

I know, it's kind of drastic. But I have been wanting to chop it off for a while, and there is truly no time like the present!

I cut off about 8 inches (don't worry... I donated it! I would have posted a picture... but I just find hair kinda gross) and it is so nice so far. Washing it is easier... I don't have to mess with braiding it or putting it in a ponytail or trying to do something fancy. It's seriously so much more adept to my lifestyle. I've only had it this short once... when I was in high school. 

I went with one of my friends in the same study abroad program, and we certainly had a grand adventure figuring out how to get a haircut in France. I was really impressed with myself, as I was able to communicate pretty clearly that I wanted my hair to be cut short, cropped close to my neck, and longer in the front. The hair stylist was SO nice, and for an occasion that could have been super stressful, it was actually relaxing and kind of fun. 

You know what they say... 

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life..." - Coco Chanel

Have you ever cut your hair drastically? What was the result? Ever tried doing it in a different language? 

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