A Day at the Beach in Ouistreham

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Salty air, soft sand, frothy water... it's seriously perfection. 

After this week, I have officially been to the beach more times in the bast 9 months (Belize and twice in Caen) than I had in my previous 19 years of life. 

I have found that I love the sea. 

We don't have a beach in Colorado, unless you count the Boulder Reservoir which is just basically a man-made lake. I went once when I was a kid, and really didn't like it. However, nothing can compare to an actual beach with actual sand and actual seawater and froth and seashells. It's beautiful, majestic, powerful, and free. 

I think I finally understand why everyone is so crazy about the ocean. I get it. I finally get it. It is seriously magical. The movement of the ocean is calming, and the sound of the waves breaking on the sand is incredibly therapeutic. Walking on the beach, letting my toes be licked by the foam, I truly felt like I was at peace in France. When I looked out as far as I could, the water and the sky were barely separate, and I was in awe of how big this world is. Being at the beach, and taking several minutes to just look out over the water and let myself feel happy, sad, awed, overwhelmed, and amazed at the same time was so incredibly powerful. 

 I could have spent all day at the beach yesterday, and I'm seriously considering going again this week. 

Do you love the beach? 

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