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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I was so excited to read last week that Annabel from Annabel and Alice nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

This award is pretty similar to the Liebster Award that I posted about last week, and also a huge honor. I love finding inspiration in my world, and it just gives me warm fuzzies to think that my blog inspires others too. :)

With that said, here are the rules:

1. Thank and follow the person who nominated you.
2. List seven facts about yourself.
3. Nominate other bloggers who you find inspiring.

Here are seven (more) facts about me! 

1. If I could be a character from any book, I'd be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I'm still heartbroken that I never received a letter from Hogwarts.
2. Besides French, I hope to be able to learn and speak Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese.
3. My parents are both artists, and I think that's part of the reason that I love art and want to work in a museum when I grow up!
4. My favorite scents are the smell of fresh lemon and books.
5. I have tried to be more technologically savvy, but I still prefer hand-writing everything. I have a planner that I use religiously, and I like to use notebooks in class instead of my laptop. I remember things better if I write them down by hand.
6. I have lived in Colorado my whole life, and I LOVE it. Denver is the perfect size for a city - not to big, not too small, and so much to do! The mountains are the only way I know which direction I'm going. Whenever I travel, I seriously have no sense of direction.
7. I make playlists for everything! I have one for every trip I've taken (which is a lot), and about 10 running/workout playlists. I'm working on my playlist for France right now, and it's going to be amazing!

Here are my nominees:

This is always hard, as I find inspiration in pretty much all of the blogs I read in one way or another.

1. Ally from Preppy Little Lesbian - I so appreciate how open, honest, and vulnerable she is when she shares her stories from coming out, to dealing with college preparation and the stress that comes with that, but I also love her advice and when she finds inspiration in things she loves!

2. Victoria from Creatively Victoria - I love all of the different things Victoria does, from Mani Monday, to OOTDs. She has impeccable style and taste, and I always love seeing what she finds inspiring!

3. Desiree from Desire-Plus-An-E - Desiree is certainly up and coming. Good info about working out, beauty inspiration, love advice... all things she's written about!

4. Ashley from Twe1ve2 - Sex and the City lover, amazing writer, and funny. Need I say more?

5. Christina from Christina Martina - From the *perfect* tagline: Keep your head, heels and standards high, to her incredible advice (I definitely went through and reorganized my iPhone after reading about how she organized hers) to giving her readers motivation, Christina definitely knows what's up.

6. Talia from Star of Davida - I have learned so much about the Jewish faith from reading this blog. Her devotion to her religion, willingness to stand up for and fight for her beliefs (and never, ever back down), are only a few of the most inspiring elements of this blog. Her intelligence, passion, and energy shine through every post. I love it.

7. Kyle from Chic and Defined - Fashion. Style. Elegance. Grace. Motivational quotes. All of these are the incredible work of Kyle. More than that, Kyle shares her story, which is the most inspiring thing a blogger can do.

8. Analesha from Lipstick and Bubbles  - If you need help with putting on your makeup, or just some inspiration that it's worthwhile, Analesha's your girl. Informative, personal, inspiring.

9. Glennie from Opinyonada - If there's one thing I'm a fan of, it's practicality. Glennie knows that college girls are always on the go, and her advice is on point with the busy lives we lead. Perfect for inspiration when you just need a little something extra to convince you that lipgloss is, in fact, worth it.

10. Olivia from Liv, Love, Laugh - Simply stunning. Beautiful photographs. Informative. Olivia has a lot going on, and her blog is just a tribute to her already amazing career!

There it is folks! How do you stay inspired? What do you find inspiring in a blog, blogger, or in your life? Share in the comments!

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