Make it Happen Monday! #8

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Countdown to France is officially at three days. A few of my friends have already left, including my best guy friend Jaser, who's studying abroad in Rwanda! I'm so excited to read all about his adventures from Africa, so I'm going to be following his blog like crazy. Some of my sorority sisters have already arrived in Sweden and London, and my first year roommate is in Mongolia! I am getting so jealous as people start posting pictures of where they're studying. I just can't wait to wake up on Thursday morning (at 5 in the morning, Lord help me) and begin my journey to France! But there is A LOT to do between now and then. So, my last Weekly Wishes/Make it Happen Monday until France!

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Last Week:
1. Email the Mémorial de Caen about volunteer opportunities.
Done! But they have not emailed me back yet... hopefully I'll hear back soon (or at least before I arrive in Caen...).

2. Clean out my car and get it ready to sell.
Done, done, and done. Bittersweet, but definitely for the better.

3. Start pulling all the things I'm packing together... somewhere. Find my suitcase.
Right now, all of the stuff I've pulled together is in the corner of my room. But I found my suitcase! It was hiding in the attic of my apartment building. 

4. Make another video!
So... this didn't happen. I recorded all of the parts that I wanted, and halfway through editing I decided I hated it and ended up just writing the post. It was about my favorite female characters in books I read in high school.

5. Finish some contributor applications.
Finished this! I'm just really nervous to submit it... wish me luck!

This Week:
1. Plan out posts for the days I'm in Paris.
We are staying in a hotel in Paris for a few days for orientation, so I'm not quite sure what the wi-fi situation will be. I'd like to have the posts planned out and published in advance so I don't even have to worry about it. Plus, I'll be in Paris. I'll write about Paris once I get to Caen! 

2. Come up with an editorial calendar for September.
This summer, I've been posting about 3-4 times a week, sometimes more! A lot of my free time was devoted to improving my blog, developing unique content, and networking with other bloggers. I know I'm going to get really busy really quickly, so having a schedule that I can stick to will be a huge help! All of the advice that other bloggers have given about balancing blogging with school has been about organization, so that's what I'm going to do!

3. Go to the bank - and call them so they don't freeze my account.
Nothing quite like waiting until the last minute. Yay.

4. Have frozen yogurt with my little sis who lands in Denver the day before I leave!
My little moved back to Florida for the summer, and I haven't seen her since June. :( I'm so excited that I'll be able to see her before I leave for France and she starts her first Recruitment Work Week, and we're getting froyo at my favorite place on campus! It's going to be amazing!

5.  PACK. 
Probably the biggest, scariest, and most time-consuming thing I have to do. I have a super detailed list broken down by which bags are carrying which things, so hopefully it will go quickly. Plus, I don't have anything (but a pre-departure mani-pedi) to do on Wednesday, so I'm hoping to finish packing by 1:00 PM so I can enjoy the rest of my afternoon in Denver!

What's on your list to accomplish this week? Let me know in the comments or via email, and we can create a blogger-support-network! 

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