Make it Happen Monday! #5

Monday, August 4, 2014

Another week! The fifth time I've posted about my goals for the week, yay!

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While it's been great to make lists of all the things I need to do for the week, and get some encouragement from my blogger-friends, I think I'm going to do something different this week, and talk about a large goal that I've had for a while, and just need a little help with.

I've decided to quit sugar. 

It seems extreme, I know. But hear me out. I have really bad allergies, asthma and eczema. For some reason, they've been really bad this year, especially in the past few weeks. When I eat a lot of processed foods I notice that I get more irritated, or my eczema gets worse. Guess what? I've been eating a lot of processed foods.

After reading about the success of Maxie from Ilo Inspired, and how she quit sugar, I decided to do a bit of research on the topic. I have come to the conclusion that I definitely think I am a sugar addict, and it's not doing anything good for my health - physical or mental. I crave certain foods (sugary foods, let's be honest), and I overeat all the time. Plus, when I eat sugar, I experience the sugar high and then the sugar crash - making it practically impossible to do anything in the evenings. 

With my impending departure to France in less than 25 days, I think it's time to make a radical change. Obviously, I know that I will not be able to survive in France without bread and sugar, but hopefully I can get to a point where I don't crave those things. 

After doing research about some different types of sugar-free diets and why I should cut down on sugar, I've made a list of my rules for a sugar-free life! 

Basically, for me, this means no processed sugar or flour. I think this will be hard for me, so I've made some rules to let myself have some sweetness, for example: I know that fruit still has sugar in it, but I'm going to stick to the fresh stuff. 

So, my weekly wish is going to be to quit sugar! Read on if you want to see my more detailed plan and rules for myself.

- Fresh fruit (apples, bananas, etc.)
- Honey or agave
- Whole grains (oatmeal, granola)
- Milk (obvs - but no chocolate!)

Not allowed:
- Processed flours (basically bread, pasta, most cereals)
- Processed sugar (no cookies, cake, etc.)
- Sugary beverages (lemonade or juice)
- Salad dressing besides olive oil and vinegar
- Soda (a bad habit that I have - drinking some at lunch for the caffeine)
- Lattes and mochas, which means I can only have straight coffee or tea at Starbucks

Have you ever tried to cut something out of your diet? How did it go? Do you have any tips or advice to make it easier and to cut down on cravings? 



  1. You are a rockstar. I don't think I could do that. I need to but it would tough. Congrats on participating 5 straight weeks. I have struggled with it.

  2. That's definitely a large goal! I would really struggle with that but I take my hat off to you for doing this and would love to hear how you get on with it. Best of luck with it!

  3. I love desserts too! I'm trying for three weeks, because I've heard it takes 21 days to build a habit!

  4. Best of luck with cutting out sugar! It's definitely something I want to try at some point, just because a lot of people seem to be happy doing it right now and I wonder how it would work for me.