Keeping Time: Back to School Organization!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

When you go to college, it is so important to stay organized! Between classes, homework, meetings, sorority stuff, and fun events, it can be overwhelming to try and keep it in your head! Check out my favorite ways to keep organized and on top of time, especially in college!


I have a May Designs planner that I got on super sale, and I love it. I've found that I'm really into using the monthly views to see when I have to be at work, appointments, vacations, etc. The only things I don't like are the fact that there are no pockets, as I like to keep stickers and random inspirational things in my planner, and that there are no lines on the weekly pages (my handwriting slants when I don't have any guides!).

I've used a Lilly Pulitzer planner for two years. I love the bright colors, but I'm making the switch to Kate Spade before I go to France. They're both similar in layout (monthly and weekly) and they both have pockets, but the Lilly is more colorful, and the Kate Spade simpler. I also like the Kate Spade because the binding is not exposed, so I won't snag one of the spirals when I shove it into my tote.

I've used a Russell and Hazel before, and I love the binder set up! I also love how you can mix and match to build your own planner. I love the monthly pages with just the looseleaf pages for list-making.

I have never used an Erin Condren Life Planner before, but I am seriously considering it. It's so beautiful, and there are so many amazing features, and I love how the days are broken up into morning, afternoon and evening, especially because I organize the list I make of meetings/events by time they happen in the day, but I loathe planners that have times listed on them.


Having a watch is an imperative for me. I wear one every day! I just got the Kate Spade Gramercy watch, and I'm in love! I wear it to my internships a lot, and it just looks so classy. For day-to-day, I wear my Burberry watch. I love watches that display the date as well, so it's easy to find instead of having to ask all the time.

I find wearing a watch super helpful in the classroom! A lot of my professors don't allow any screens in class, so the only way I know what time it is is with my watch. I get antsy if I sit for too long (hello short attention span) so it's helpful to know when we are getting close to a break in lecture.

I also think watches are cute! There are some seriously beautiful timepieces out there (like the Cartier... my dream watch!) and it instantly adds some personalization to any outfit!


Sunrise Calendar // Evernote // Todoist // Timely // Countdown +

Sunrise keeps me organized because I can sync my work schedule, Delta Zeta calendar, and personal calendar to one app. I usually use Evernote to take notes in class, and it syncs across all devices! If I use my iPad to take notes, I can then view them on my computer, or see them on my phone on the go. I love using Todoist for keeping track of my to-dos, because you can organize your tasks by project and *gasp* color code them! 

What do you use to keep track of time? Are you oldschool with a watch and planner? Or are you up-to-date with all the latest tech?


  1. Gosh, those Erin Condren planners are everywhere. I wish they were a little less expensive! Great tip on the watches--looking at a watch instead of pulling out your phone looks so much more professional, and they're invaluable when you're taking a test with no phones but need to keep track of time.

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  2. Thanks! Wearing a watch has been a huge help for me. :) I love the blog hop! Such a great idea!

  3. Right?! It seems like every blogger I know uses one. They are pretty expensive, and I'm not quite ready to take the plunge. Maybe for my senior year of college... we'll see! Thanks for commenting and sharing the love!

  4. I've been doing both too, keeping a record of all my meetings in my planner and online. It throws me off because sometimes I don't always update both, so I get thrown off and have to cross-reference them. But I love my planner! I had someone explain Evernote to me too... and now I love it! It's totally replaced using the Notes app on my iPhone/macbook.

  5. I am overly obsessed with planners! I love the May Design ones. I just ordered mine for 2015 and their calligraphy book too. They are great. Loving those watches too.

  6. Love the planners! I still to this day keep a planner in my purse! Even though I have an iphone I just feel more with it when I have my planner! (and I've been out of college going on six years now!)

  7. Me too Norah, I'm that girl that sets at least 3 alarms every morning to wake up. I'm not a fan of Apple's reminders on my smartphone. I like getting the reminders/notifications from my Sunrise app.

  8. I do love my Kate Spade, but Erin Condren is just so tempting! :)

  9. I love having it on my phone for on-the-go, but I definitely still rely on my planner.

  10. I am in love with the kate spade planner! It's so chic :-) & I'm definitely the type of girl that needs to write things down. A phone is awesome, but it's just not the same.

    xx Angella

    1. It is super chic! I've used a Lilly for the past two years, but I wanted something a bit softer and not as colorful... so Kate Spade it is! :)