Goodbye Summer!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Back to School Blogging Challenge: Day 1!

 Three Things I'm Going to Miss about Summer

Honestly, I've never been into the whole "summer" thing. I love school, I hate the heat, and I always feel so distant from my friends. But I actually had an amazing summer this past summer, so there will be a lot to miss!

1. My Internships

This was my first summer as a working woman! I have had other jobs before, including working for my mom, and I work at DU as a tour guide for the office of Undergraduate Admission. I had two amazing internships at some Denver museums and they were fantastic! They are just now coming to an end, and I'm a little bit sad, but I'm just really grateful that I had the opportunity to work there and developed my goal to work in museums really grow into something amazing!

2. Fun Events

There were so many cool things happening this summer! The World Cup was definitely a highlight, and even though I know approximately zero things about soccer - ahem, football - I still watched it diligently! The Lacrosse World Championships were actually in Denver, and I may or may not have been able to hang out with some of the teams (read: have lunch with the Turkish National Team) when they were at DU... :) I also watched the Tour de France with my dad (he is a cycling fanatic and watches the tour religiously) and learned a little bit about cycling as a sport.

I was also able to see some of my teachers from high school who I missed a lot, including my favorite French teacher! I love reconnecting with people, and I did that a lot this summer.

3. Colors!

I am such a fan of bright colors, and I'm definitely going to miss them! I feel like everything is so vibrant in my life - when I walk around campus everything is in bloom, all of the trees are full of life and I just love it. Plus, when else do you get away with wearing bright colored nail polish?

I do love the colors of fall though - neutrals, orange, red - all of the warm colors make me feel so comfortable!

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  1. Fall is my favorite season, and Louisiana temperatures are absolutely awful, so I can't say I'm sad that summer is ending. I will miss fun events though. I hate that I wasn't able to attend a music festival this summer, but I did go to Europe, so that makes up for everything haha!

  2. Oh my gosh, the World Cup! Highlight of my summer and I so miss it. The museum internships sounded like a blast!

  3. I did, it was a great summer. :) I feel like everything was just so much more vibrant this year, and I love it!