Elephant Obsessed

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Everyone has that thing, be it an animal, or a print, or a color, or a monogram. It's something they love, and if they ever see anything with it or related to it, they must own it or like it on facebook or pet it. Among the obsessions of Zoe (of which there are many), I think one of my biggest obsessions is with elephants. Yes, those large, gray animals with big ears and long trunks are my favorite animal. I love elephant print things, and reading stories about elephants. It's a dream of mine to go to a country (like Thailand) and visit an elephant sanctuary where they let you pet the elephants. Gosh, so cute!

In honor of World Elephant Day (today) I thought I would share my love for elephants with you all!

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This is my collection of elephants:

Okay, so it's not all of my elephants. Just three of my faves.
Ella, my elephant I got in Washington DC, Sable a sand elephant from the Dune de Pilat in France, and a little elephant my sorority little sis gave me for Christmas. :)

Elephant earrings from Prep Obsessed:

My favorite elephant shirt (from the Gap, a few years ago):

My favorite elephant picture (with Benedict Cumberbatch):

Image Source
So much cute in one picture.

Elephant in a museum (two of my favorite things!):

Photo by Zoe Diaz-McLeese
Elephant in the rotunda of the Smithsonian
National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.
My elephant scarf (I love Lilly): 

Baby elephants playing soccer:

Baby elephants. Playing soccer.
#WorldCup2014 #FIFAWorldCup... Africa?

My elephant wish list:

Image Source
Lilly Pulitzer Tusk In Sun Elsa Top (love the pink and green!)

Image Source

Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda in Loopy

Image Source
Dogeared Make a Wish Good Luck Bracelet

However, elephants are not all revered as adorable, beautiful creatures. While I like to wear elephant printed scarves and snuggle with my Ella, other people like elephant ivory iPhone cases or jewelry, which comes from illegally poached ivory from elephants. Populations of elephants, especially in Africa, are being wiped out due to illegal poaching and an increased demand for ivory in some countries. 

While there is not a ton that I can do from Denver, CO, there are still some things that I can do to help elephants out. One thing is helping raise awareness about the issue of illegal poaching, and hope that putting pressure on governments will protect the elephants.

Here are some organizations who are working to protect elephants:

International Fund for Animal Welfare
Bloody Ivory
World Elephant Day (their website has so many resources for how you can help!)

Do you love elephants too? What are you obsessed with? Happy World Elephant Day! :)

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  1. Lilly has been elephant crazy for the past few seasons. It seems that there's at least one elephant print hanging around either on the clothes or in the accessories. I was definitely looking at cute elephant jewelry yesterday, you know, in honor of world elephant day. Haha.


  2. oh my goodness, elephants are amazing!! I love the Lily planner and top. They are too adorable. Elephants are such amazing creatures, adding such mystery and beauty to the world!

    1. I love the planner! I almost went with that planner, before ultimately going with a Kate Spade. But it's so pretty! I think they are amazing too... :)

  3. I love elephants. They have always seemed magical to me. My personal animal is the owl. I have loved owls as far back as I can remember, it just so happens they are popular right now so I can stock up on owl decor.

    1. They do seem magical, don't they? Although owls are also wonderful animals. I've been seeing owls in a lot of places - just yesterday I was at Bath and Body Works and there were so many owl accessories!

  4. Not a fan? :)

    I love the planner. I like how it's a bit more subtle than the Tusk In Sun print.

  5. Loving the elephant craze! That elephant shirt from the gap is wonderful!

    1. Thanks Leanna! I got it in high school, and it's my go-to shirt whenever I don't know what to wear. It's definitely one of the best shirts I've ever found there!

  6. YESSSS! I'm going to Tufts for grad school, and Jumbo the Elephant is their mascot, so I love all things elephant now. :)

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest