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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There's a saying, "la vie est faite de petits bonheurs..." Life is made of little pleasures (although in my head, I always read it as "life is made of little happinesses"). When you take a moment to look at your life, you notice that those big things, the big events - like a trip, or studying abroad, or even getting an award for something - they consume a very small percentage of your total happiness. The rest of your happiness is made from the small things, like a hug from a friend, or a smile from a stranger, or cuddling with your puppy. The little things are the things that make life big.

Therefore, I have a rather large goal to honor the little things. I don't always take the time to honor the little things. I might notice something, smile, and then move on, usually to worrying about whatever is making my day go not right.

I signed up to do 100 Happy Days on Instagram (follow me!), and I'm going to make it my quest to honor the little things. To start things off, here are some little things that made me happy in the past few weeks:

1. My trusty Chacos covered in paint.

One of my jobs is doing a project called Arts for All, which is a mobile arts studio designed for people with all abilities, which means it can be used by people with disabilities including cognitive, physical, and developmental disabilities, and we set up a giant mural on the floor and use big rollers to paint on the ground. We did a project with about 15 people who use wheelchairs, and it was so much fun. My favorite part of these projects is getting covered in paint (I should have taken a picture of my shirt or the bottom of my shoes) and seeing the beautiful designs people come up with! 

2. This butterfly joining me for lunch at the Denver Art Museum.

At one point, in landed on my hand, and I like to think it wanted to share my salad.

3. Making tortillas with my mom (my dad, the photographer, being super helpful and taking pictures).

YUM. Just yum. No tortillas could ever compare to my mom's.

4. Finding beautiful flowers at Whole Foods. 

I mean, can those flowers be any bigger or more beautiful?

I was obsessed with these peonies. They're one of my favorite flowers (second only after daisies).

5. Eating lunch at Civic Center Park with my dad.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer, the major food trucks of Denver converge on Civic Center Park for Civic Center EATS, and it's my favorite way to eat lunch in the summer. I had lunch with my dad one day, and I got an awesome view of the Denver skyline. After being inside the office all day, it was nice to sit outside. Plus, the people watching is fantastic

6. Writing Letters

I had a pen-pal this past year who is also a Delta Zeta, and it was so fun to take the time to write letters and get letters in the mail (old school, right?). Since I've been home, I've been working a lot so I haven't spent as much time as I should have or wanted to writing letters to my friends, but this past week I carved out an hour and wrote some letters to my pen-pal, and some of my sisters who live in other states.

7. Café Max

There's this wonderful little café on Colfax in Denver owned by Max, a friend of the family. My mom is a huge fan of the shortbread cookies that Max makes, but I'm a fan of just about everything. It's so nice to just sit sometimes and look through the books that Max keeps by the register, and enjoy a cookie or cup of tea. It was even named one of the best restaurants in Denver by 5280 magazine!

What little things make your life big?

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful day!



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