Pre-Departure #2: Oh, the places you'll go!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One of the many perks of studying abroad in Europe is the possibility of traveling to other parts of Europe over the few months that I'm there. Traveling around the continent is pretty easy, relatively inexpensive, and completely worth it.

There are a lot of places on my travel wish-list, but there are a few that stand out when trying to think about where I want to go while I'm studying abroad in France!

Here is my travel wish-list for Study Abroad 2014!

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This one is a must-see. I think I will be disappointed if I don't go to Amsterdam. Although it's pretty well-known for it's debaucherous features, it is also home to some of the world's most amazing treasures. Van Gogh museum (one of my favorite artists, I was so excited when Becoming Van Gogh was at the DAM a few years ago), Anne Frank House, the canals, the bicycles! It looks so beautiful and amazing, and I want to see it.

{All photos from Pinterest}

2. London, England

Much like Amsterdam, this is a must-see for me. My older cousin is actually in art school right now in Bournemouth, which is a few hours away from London. I also have a couple sorority sisters who are studying abroad in London, so I will definitely have to go see this wonderful place!

{All photos from Pinterest}

3. Belgium - Brussels and Antwerp, also Bruges (potentially)

Castles, chocolate, flowers, and museums. I know a few people who studied abroad in Belgium, and who absolutely loved it.

{All photos from Pinterest}

4. Bilbao, Spain

One of my good friends is going to be in Bilbao, and another one of my sorority sisters studied abroad in Bilbao. I am fascinated by the Basque culture, which I first learned about when I went to France and Spain in 2012 (the last two pictures are mine from that trip - Pamplona and San Sebastien). Also, Bilbao is home to the Guggenheim museum, which is definitely one of the most famous museums in the world, and I must see it.


San Sebastien

{All photos from Pinterest, except the last two, by Zoe Diaz-McLeese}

5. Dublin, Ireland

Ever since I did my report about Ireland in my 8th grade geography class, it has been on my must-travel-to list. Also, my dad wants to come visit me while I'm abroad, and he has voiced on more than one occasion that he wants to go to Ireland. So if he visits me, I might be going to Ireland!

{All photos from Pinterest}

Of course, there are many more places I want to see. Don't worry, I'm going to do a very special post about traveling in France, and all the things I want to see there.

Is there anywhere else I should go? Where have you been?

Thank you for reading!



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