Make It Happen Monday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

In my quest to try and establish a regular blogging schedule, as opposed to posting whenever I feel like it, I am going to make a conscious effort to post every Monday about my goals for the week, or what I hope to accomplish.

I also found this thing called Weekly Wishes through The Nectar Collective, an awesome and inspiring blog and a great way to connect to other bloggers! I'm really excited to start on the Weekly Wishes path, and hope that it becomes a regular part of my blog.

The Nectar Collective

Now, on to my wishes/goals for this week! My schedule is crazy busy, with two internships, a job, and some tutoring, so the only way to get things done is to make a list.

1. Book a hotel for my trip to the French Consulate in Los Angeles.

2. Move my calendar from my planner to Sunrise Calendar.

3. Move my to-do list from the post it note on my desk to Todoist

4. Consolidate my Pinterest boards.

5. Go for a run!

I love making goals! What do you hope to accomplish this week?

Thank you for reading!



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  1. Welcome to Weekly Wishes! It's one of my favorite link-ups. Good luck with your goals this week!