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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I change my iPhone background a couple times a week. Sometimes I find a cool picture, and think it will make a great background, or I find a picture of me and my little that I love. I also endlessly peruse Pinterest for inspirational quotes, and when I find one that I love I'll use it as an iPhone background.

These are some of my favorite backgrounds that I've found on Pinterest!

1. Pineapples
I love pineapple printed things, and I love that these pineapples are pink!

2. Scallops
This would be a great one for a home-screen background. Just the right amount of glitter.

3. Flowers
Is this one pretty, or what?

4. Elephants
I love elephants.

5. "Hello Beautiful"
I love this one for a lock screen background. What a nice greeting. :)

{All images from Pinterest}

I have also really loved making some of my own iPhone backgrounds, especially with monograms or my favorite quotes!

These are the apps that I use with my phone to make my own backgrounds:

My absolute favorites are Monogram, because it is easy to make a monogram background, like this one:

And PicLab HD, because you can edit photos really easily. It also has a cropping feature so you can make sure that your photos can fit not only as an iPhone background (use ratio 4:6), but also even for your laptop or Instagram fun.

What are your current iPhone backgrounds? Do you make your own?

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  1. The elephant wallpaper is so cute!