Random Acts of Art!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

This evening, my parents and I took a trip to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. It was one of my favorite exhibits I've seen there. I love Van Gogh. I like the colors he uses (although his early works were rather drab, and had a lot of grays and browns), and his very intense, raw style. I liked it so much, that I bought the exhibit companion (and some postcards to hang in my dorm room)!

Let me preface this next part by saying, I do not usually condone works of vandalism. While I appreciate various public artworks, including graffiti work, I do not condone it when it is done illegally. That being said, I do feel that sometimes, random acts of art occur for a reason, and that spontaneity in art should be encouraged. 

Tonight, something else happened. As we were walking out of the museum, my dad told us about a piece of spontaneous public art that was happening on the corner of 13th and Bannock. On that light post, people put their Denver Art Museum stickers after visiting. As we were approaching the light post, a man walked across the street and shouted "Don't do that! It's gets everything so dirty and now their doing it by my street! You art people..." to which I proceeded to smack my sticker on said post and smile at the man. My mom countered him, arguing that it's a pretty harmless random act of art. She acknowledged that his opinion is valid, but said that she disagreed. Then she told him to move forward, to which he disrespected our President, and she responded by telling him that she just didn't want to talk to him. Then, noticing that I was watching him, he turned to me and ask how I would like it if people put stickers on my car. I told him that firstly, it wasn't his lamppost, and secondly, if people put stickers on my car, I would take them off if I didn't want them there. Then there were some rude words on his part, and he ended flipping of my mom. Classy.

This bothered me for two reasons. First, I didn't know this man, and I didn't know why he felt he could tell us what to do, and he couldn't accept the fact that two people could peacefully disagree on a subject. Secondly, I believe in random acts of art. I again wish to express that I do not find vandalism acceptable, nor am I encouraging senseless vandalism, and vandalism of private property is never okay. I guess putting stickers on a lamp post is technically considered vandalism. However, I feel that stickers are pretty harmless, if the city of Denver has a problem with it, they will remedy the situation using any number of techniques. 

I find this random act of art, occurring on the corner of 13th and Bannock, really cool. I think it's fun that people who visit the museum are coming together to express it. Is it a masterpiece? No. But it's fun. I think Denver needs to have more creativity encouraged in public. More random acts of art. The stickers will probably come down soon anyways. 

Until then, I will enjoy the small random act of art that is currently on that corner. And I will continue to encourage random acts of art like that (again, not illegal, senseless, graffiti and tags, especially not on private property). I also welcome discussion. I could see the man's point. Some people don't like vandalism or stickers on lampposts. And cleaning it will probably suck. I respect his opinion, although I don't agree with it. I guess that's all I'm trying to say. 

I know this was a long, rather rant-y post. So a very extra special thanks for reading. And I completely, 100% welcome discussion on this topic, as it might be a bit controversial. 

Thank you again,
-Zoe <3

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