Here's to Reading...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When the first versions of e-readers came out, I wrote a scathing editorial and review in my high school's newspaper about how Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble nook would never, ever, ever in a million years replace a paper book. Not for me. I pledged that I would go to my grave defending the old school paper books.

I have a confession to make, my friends. I cheated. I bought a book on Amazon Kindle for my iPad... and I liked it. This makes me both overjoyed, and incredibly sad.

I love books. I love the smell, the feel, the idea of sitting in a big chair and reading your favorite book. Turning pages, feeling the paper, creating a connection to a book. I always thought that Kindles and nooks and such remove the personal connection a reader makes with their book.

But then I tried reading a book on my dad's iPad (before I had my own). The personal connection that I loved about reading was not as lost as I had come to believe.

Then there's the cost factor. Today, I went to the bookstore to buy my textbooks for this coming quarter. Due to the fact that I do not have a credit card and could not rent my books :(, I was ready to buy my books. Until the cashier announced the price. I just about cried. So I bought the books that I had to buy, and went home. I checked on Amazon, and the books I didn't buy I could rent on my kindle for almost half the price of buying them. Being the close-to-broke college student I am, I opted to get the books on my kindle.

So yes. I cheated on my promise. I bought my books on kindle, and I like it.

I will still read my paper books when I can. For me, nothing will replace the romance of reading a paper book. But the kindle books will remain part of my library-expanding experience. Plus, I put stickers on my iPad, and I have a really cute Vera Bradley case for it. :)

So here's to reading! In whatever form. :) 

As always, 

Thanks for reading. 

-Zoe <3

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