A Study in Green

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I am obsessed with color. So this year, I am especially excited that the 2013 color of the year is Emerald! I personally love this color. Plus, it's one of Delta Zeta's colors!

Today, I want to pick out and share with you some of my favorite things in this beautiful hue. My picks  for my favorite green things:

1. Julep Trina Turk Emerald nail polish: Hoch 

2. Nature

It's hard to find green in Colorado winters... so these are some pictures I took at the Denver Botanic Gardens this past summer.

3. Clothes
The green dress from Atonement on Keira Knightley (source)

J.Crew Matchstick jeans in vintage kelly (source)

J.Crew Janey patent flats in Dusty Jade (source)

Kate Spade Locked in Studs (source)

4. Food
Beautiful macaroons (source)

Beautiful fresh vegetables and fruit at a Farmer's market (source)

I'm so excited that this is the color for 2013!

Thanks for reading,

Zoe <3

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