Biography, Part I

Saturday, December 29, 2012


I want to start by giving you a biographical (not the boring kind) introduction to me, Zoe Jade Diaz-McLeese. :)

- I'm 19 years old.

- I live in Denver, Colorado. I was born and raised here.

- I'm a first year student at the University of Denver, or DU.

- I'm a proud Delta Zeta! <3

- I'm an only child, but I have two wonderful cousins that are like my sisters (Brianna - 20 and Katrina - 16).

- I am obsessed with all things French.

- I wear a watch every day (random fact).

- I'm terrified of dogs, but I love them.

These are some things I love:

- France. Paris. My favorite monument is the Arc de Triomphe.

- Nail polish. I can't stand it when my nails look gross.

- Books. I'm currently reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and it is really wonderful.

- Daisies. They are my favorite flower. Always have been, they're so happy looking!

- Polar Bears.

- French bulldogs.

- Colorado. It's a wonderful place to call home. :)

- Office supplies. Nerdy, but I love pens and notebooks.

- Museums. I want to be a curator one day!

- Mumford and Sons.

- Turquoise, pink, green, orange, purple and blue are my favorite colors.

- Chamomile tea

- Santa Fe, New Mexico

- Washington D.C.

- Postcards from everywhere. I have over 500 that I've collected from my own travels and that loved ones have sent/given me. Some of my favorites are hanging in my dorm room.

- Listening to classical music while I study.

- My friends. Without them, I'd be lost. They know who they are.

- My parents. They are the most amazing people I know.

Hopefully this gives you a glimpse into my mind. I make lists and plans for everything, so don't be surprised if many of my posts are in list form.

Thanks for reading!

-Zoe <3

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