Monday, December 31, 2012

Ah, the new year. 2012 has been a rather tumultuous year, to say the least. I graduated from high school and began college. But I've had my share of mistakes and low points. In many ways, I grew up this year. I've begun to figure out who I really am, and what I really want. As much as 2012 was an eventful year, I'm looking forward to the fresh start I hope 2013 brings.

Every year, I make resolutions. I type them up all pretty, using my favorite fonts. I sign them using a nice pen. I hang it up on my bathroom mirror so that I will look at them every day. But by the second week of January, I get frustrated. I abandon my resolutions. Every year, I promise myself that I will follow my commandments to myself. And every year, I get disheartened and give up.

The author of a blog I read religiously, College Prep, has grouped her goals into 12 months. Obviously, she does everything all the time, but each month she is going to delve deeper into one aspect of her life. I really like that idea. Instead of making a list of things I feel like I have to do, I would rather take the time to reflect on myself and my life one thing at a time.

I've divided my 12 months into things that make sense for that month. Don't worry, January won't have 31 days of posts dedicated to the virtues of running or the health benefits of quinoa, but I'm going to focus a bit more on my own personal fitness. So each month I've decided to focus a little bit more on one aspect of my life, whether or not it is entirely reflected in this blog. There will be overlap. But I'm trying to go with the flow more, so to speak.

Here is the breakdown:

January: Fitness
Since I was six years old, I've played basketball year round. Up until now, working out was never a problem. Playing an intense sport like basketball required constant attention, and between practices and additional workouts, I was very fit.

Now that I no longer play basketball, I need to be more religious about working out. I need to be more aware of what I eat. They say that the habits you form in college will be the habits you have for the rest of your life. I want to have good habits. So I'm starting 2013 by forging those habits. It will take a lot of work, and I may fail sometimes, but it is really important to me that I get into good habits. I will prevail!

February: Love
This may seem cheesy because Valentine's day is in February, but this month is about more than just having someone to give me chocolates and roses on the fourteenth. This month, I will look at my relationship with myself, as well as my friendships, sisterhood, and my relationship with my parents and family. Who knows, there may be some time to dedicate to boys too. :)

March: Art
Most kids rebel against their parents by getting a tattoo or staying out past curfew. I rebelled against my parents by refusing to acknowledge the artistic part of myself. My father is the Executive Director of VSA/Access Gallery, which is an art gallery that does art programming for people with disabilities. My mother paints, and she also has a gallery, which I work at.

I'm not naturally artistic. I can't draw or paint worth anything. So to rebel, I denied my own creativity. It's something that I deeply regret. This month, I want to focus more on the artistic part of myself. Maybe that means doing more creative writing, or utilizing my membership to the Denver Art Museum. Whatever form it takes, I want to embrace the creativity I know resides in me.

April: Nature
I am by no definition a nature girl. Yes, I live in Colorado. No, I do not ski or snowboard. Nature kind of freaks me out. I don't like to get dirty, and I think I'm some kind of mosquito magnet. Not to mention that I'm allergic to pretty much anything alive (flora and fauna).

This month, I want to dedicate myself to becoming one with nature. Yes, I live in a city. But my college is really close to a beautiful park. I want to take more walks, longer walks. Maybe take a weekend trip to the mountains and enjoy the beautiful wildlife that my home has to offer.

May: Learning
Towards the end of the school year, I always get a renewed vigor toward school. I always want to end the year strongly. So this month, I will take more time to enjoy school, focusing on my favorite school supplies, study tips, etc. I know that DU is on the quarter system, so school actually ends in June, but for the past twelve years of my life school has ended in May. I love school, and maybe I can help spread the scholastic cheer in May!

This also includes learning about other things. I want to pick up a hobby, maybe devote more time to practice knitting/crochet, or pick up the piano again (or learn to play the Carillon bells!).

June: Work
Although the search for work started months ago, June will be when the work starts. This year, I hope to get an internship, hopefully at a museum. This month will be dedicated to transitioning from student to employee/intern. Learning and improving my "people skills" and knowing how to dress to impress. Plus, how to make sure I love my job!

July: Adventure
There's nothing quite like summertime to make you want to travel and explore. In July, I want to foster my adventurous spirit. I believe I have a curious soul, and I constantly look for ways to learn and grow. In July, I want to dedicate more time to this, besides reading and visiting museums. I've always wanted to take a trip to Chaco canyon and see some of the ancient Native American ruins. I want to do something that frightens me. So July will be the month of Adventure!

August: Reflection
Again, I know that at DU we don't usually start until September because of the quarter system. But August is usually when school starts again. Before a new school year starts, I want to take the time to reflect on the past year, what worked and what didn't. Think about the goals I have for my second year at DU. Appreciate the moments of my first year.

September: Celebration
My birthday is in September, so naturally I want to celebrate that. 20 years is kind of a big deal to me. Most people think 21 is the best age (because that's when you can legally drink), but 20 is something to celebrate. That means I've been on this earth for two whole decades.

But I also want to celebrate the little things. I spend so much time being hard on myself for all the things I do wrong (which is a lot), and not enough time recognizing the things I do right. So this month, I want to celebrate not only my birthday, but the every day things. I want to celebrate my friends, the things that other people do to make the world a better place. I want to celebrate life, because it really is so good!

October: Fun
I have loved Halloween forever. Always. Since I was a little girl dressing up as a pumpkin (which I did probably 3 or so times). To me, Halloween was always a fun time. Plus, it was a great way to exercise creativity because as a true Colorado kid, I had to make my costume work with my puffy winter jacket, hat, and gloves.

I feel like I spend so much time trying to act grown up, trying to prove that I am a capable young woman. This month, I want to have more fun. I'm not talking about throwing caution to the wind and acting crazy and stupid. But I don't want to be afraid to be silly sometimes. Like the Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) taught me, don't be a big person all the time. Stay young at heart. This month, I hope to do just that.

November: Thanks and Giving (pun intended)
I feel like Thanksgiving is vastly under appreciated. After Halloween, people look to Thanksgiving as the day before Black Friday. That bothers me. Therefore, I want to use November (the whole month, not just Thanksgiving day) to give thanks more deeply. Gratitude is a goal of mine always, but in November I want to take a little more time to show my gratitude to those that I hold dear. I also want to use that time to be thankful for what I have, and give my time and resources to the organizations that service those who may need a little help. I volunteer as much as possible, but in 2013 I will dedicate more in November.

December: Comfort
In Colorado, the cold and snow can come as early as October, but December is the official start of winter. When it's cold outside, and the snow is on the ground, I just want to spend my time being comfortable. That means warm sweaters, tea, and a good book. So, in December I will dedicate more time to finding comfort in my life. Slow down, relax, and get comfortable. Bake, cook, read, etc. I want to dedicate my time to making others feel comfortable too.

I know this post was rather long, so a special thanks for reading.

I hope everyone's new year brings prosperity and love. Happy new year to all! :)


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